Prefinished wood flooring shows continuous growth across the floor covering industry due to its ease of onsite installation. Plus, this type of flooring comes in a variety of new styles and looks. As a market pioneer within the prefinished flooring movement, Stanza Machinery offers expert advice and state-of-the art equipment for the ever-demanding customer base. To date, prefinished flooring education is gained in a piecemeal fashion, passed down by individuals in different parts of the industry. Stanza Machinery now brings it all together, for you, in a downloadable ebook.

This free practical ebook lays out prefinishing flooring "insider" industry knowledge directly from our team at Stanza Machinery.

STM - Worker

What you will learn:

STM - Worker
  • Understanding and selecting coatings
  • Machinery and line layouts
  • Wood preparation
  • Calculating production
  • And more

Our pre-finished wood flooring guide walks you through everything, from a short history of wood flooring to testing and evaluating a factory-finished floor.

Download the Ebook today.