Abrasives are an integral part of the sanding process. A wide range of grits, slits, styles, and sizes are available on Stanza equipment and other manufacturers. Custom applications and projects welcome.


We offer abrasives for:

  • Wire Brush Machines
  • Denibbing Machines
  • Polishing Equipment
  • Deburring
  • Cabinet Door Sanding
  • Removal of Cross Grain Scratches


Tynex- Denibbing and Cleanup.

Wire Brush- Wire Brush Effect and Texturing.

Nylon/Tampico- Cleaning and Stain Wiping Coatings.

Strip System- Removable Strips for Quick Change.

Flapwheel- Hub Surrounded with Paper Only.


Grits: 40-600
Cuts/Trims: 4, 7, 20 & infinite lengths
Backer Brushes: Single/double row Tampico reinforced
Combination: Wire brush/Tynex for distressing