MC/WB-300R Tube & Pipe Coater

MC/WB-300R Vacuum Coater – Water based 360-degree coating featuring 99% transfer efficiency, paired with Infra-Red (IR), Lateral, and Gas Fired Ovens for coat and dry applications.

Our STM Series Water Based Vacuum Coaters are designed to automate the coating of a full range of metal tube and pipe products with waterbased paints, stains, and protective finishes with maximum uniformity and 99% transfer efficiency.

The system consists of a separation tower, vacuum producer, control panel, and a unique application chamber. This application chamber, featuring our “Free Flow Technology”, enhances coating consistency at lower vacuum pressures. This lessens energy consumption, while permitting higher feed speeds. The chamber is also designed for quick, tool-free changeover, resulting in maximized production up-time. The programmable logic controller (PLC) driven system interlocks with machines in line, enabling process integration.

Drying ovens, in combination with the vacuum coaters, include lateral, gas fired, infra-red (IR) and more. When drying vacuum coated materials often a flash off period is needed, allowing the water to evaporate, leaving only the dyes/pigments which color the work piece. After the flash off, heat is introduced to dry what has previously evaporated. Stanza Machinery manufactures ovens to meet speed, production, and coating requirements.

Our STM Series Vacuum Coating equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA and is customizable with a range of options and special configurations to suit your production line needs.



Construction Polished Stainless Steel
Head Arrangements: Integral and Remote
Tube Diameter: ¾”-6” diameter
Application Speeds: 40-350 fpm depending on profile
Reservoir Capacity: 15 gallons
Vacuum Producers: Regenerative blowers 10-15 hp
Tower Filtration: Stainless steel filters/cleanable
Operator Controls: Remote panel/PLC control
Electrical: 480V 3ph 60Hz
Air: 2 CFM at 90 P.S.I.
Machine Tower Dimensions: 54”W x 60”H x 27”D