SBS Denib Panel Sander

The perfect cost-effective sanding solution for small to medium size production shops.

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The Stanza SBS series represents the finest in European design and manufacture, resulting in beautiful sanding results for a wide range of applications. A single machine can be used for whitewood sanding, sealer sanding, wire brushing, and denibbing. The SBS series features heavy duty construction, a small foot print, and can be fitted with a wide range of abrasives and heads. The Multiple head/abrasive stations are easily interchanged to provide cabinet door, panel, metal, aluminum profile finishing and more.  Changing out the heads is easy, and user-friendly. Simply slide out the sanding station and slide in another unit.

The SB series is available in a vast range of abrasive stations and widths. Head options include

  • Cross-belt
  • Planetary
  • Wire brush
  • Tynex (denib)
  • Buffing pads
  • Disc station
  • Foam backer pads
  • Hard wheels

Versatility, performance, and ease of use make these finish sanders a powerful tool in decreasing labor cost and improving quality in every shop.


Work Piece max. width 24”, 39” & 52”
Work piece max. height 4”
Feed Speeds 10-75 fpm
Feed Motor 1 hp
Sanding Head Motors: 3-15 hp
Sanding Stations: 1-infinite
Control Panel: Attached
Motor Reversal: Quick Switch
Motor Speeds: Potentiometer with digital readout
Sanding Head Options: Planetary, Cross-belt, Drum, Tynex & more
Height Adjustment: Handwheel with digital counters
Conveyor Format: Fixed table
Machine Options: Vacuum table, Quick-change trolley
Electrical: 480V, 3 ph, 60Hz