Abrasives are integral in the sanding process. A wide range of grits, slits, styles, and sizes are available on Stanza equipment and other manufactures.

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Abrasive Sanding Brushes and Cores for All Machines.

Tynex- Denibbing and Cleanup.

Wire Brush- Wire Brush Effect and Texturing.

Nylon/Tampico- Cleaning and Stain Wiping Coatings.

Strip System- Removable Strips for Quick Change.

Flapwheel- Hub Surrounded with Paper Only.

Custom Applications and Projects Welcome.

Grits range from 40- 600.

Cuts/Trims 4,7,20 and infinite lengths.

Backer brushes in single, double row Tampico are used to reinforce the abrasive paper.

Wire brush and tynex in combination achieve the distressed look.

Wire Brush Machines

Denibbing Machines

Polishing Equipment


Cabinet Door Sanding

Removal of Cross Grain Scratches