Flat line finishing systems for flooring, panels, flat substrates, glass and metal. Roll coaters, Reverse fill machine, UV curing ovens, Stain/oil wiping machines, Denibbers/Wire brush machines, LED advanced curing units.

RC Roll Coater

RCS-Roll Coater – Wood, metal, and plastics are ideal for the ease and accuracy of roll coating.  Widths include 12", 24", 52" and more.  Paired with Ultra-Violet curing ovens, denibbers, stain wiper, buffers, and Infra- Dryers roll coating is an ideal method for applying finish of flat surfaces.

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RCF Reverse Fill Machine

RCF-Reverse Fill Machine – Fill and level open core substrates for the smoothest finish.  Available in differential for coating adjustments.

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RUV UV Cure Oven

RUV-UV Cure Oven – Full range of sizes, lamp configurations, and options to suit your specification.

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Advanced LED UV Curing Unit

RPD-LED Curing Unit – Cure at the speed of light as the future dawns on the new possibilities in UV LED Curing.

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Wire Brush Machine

WB-Wire Brush Machine – The Stanza Wire Brush-Master removes soft grain and prepares wood flooring, paneling and more. Heavy duty large horsepower motors dig into the wood giving the rustic and distressing appearance.

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Stain Oil Wiping Machine

RSW-Stain/Oil Wiping Machine – Wipe and distribute stains and oils choosing from a complement of specialized brushes.

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