Multiple sanding, denibbing and wire brush configurations to reach maximum efficiency. Linear and flat line as well as stand-alone machines.

SB Series Finish Sander

The Stanza SB Series of finish sanders are the perfect cost effective solution for small to medium size production shops. Multiple head/abrasive stations are easily interchanged to provide cabinet door, panel, metal, aluminum profile finishing and more. Available in a vast range of abrasive stations and widths.

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Wire Brush / Denibber

Stanza Wire Brush-Master/Denibber. Heavy duty machine for deep, medium and light wire brushing effects.

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Linear/Moulding Sander

The Stanza Series of lineal sanders are designed and built for a wide variety of applications; from small runs, to high volume production and everything in between. Various head configurations which can be angled and variable speed for profiles can be quickly setup utilizing countless abrasive grits and heads.

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Abrasives are integral in the sanding process. A wide range of grits, slits, styles, and sizes are available on Stanza equipment and other manufactures.

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