RC Roll Coater

RCS-Roll Coater – Wood, metal, and plastics are ideal for the ease and accuracy of roll coating.  Widths include 12", 24", 52" and more.  Paired with Ultra-Violet curing ovens, denibbers, stain wiper, buffers, and Infra- Dryers roll coating is an ideal method for applying finish of flat surfaces.

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The Stanza Machinery Roll Coater uses both an application and dr. roller (metering)  to apply a thing layer of finish to a substrate.  The amount of coating is controlled by a series of adjustments, speeds, and pressures, in connection with coating viscosity, temperature and final "look".  Many finishes can be used such as stains, reactives, water base, solvent base, UV -Ultra-Violet, dyes, lyes, paints and more.  The Stanza roll coaters come in a variety of sizes for many applications.  Single differential is the most common allowing the dr. roller to be in the forward or reverse position. Options are available for differential application roller for the glass and metal industry.   The below video link shows roll coating basics and operation.