STP - Profile Sander/Denibber

Stanza Profile Sander features unlimited custom configurations of belt, wheel and flap stations.

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Stanza STP Profile Sanders/Denibber are highly versatile machines available with a number and range of heads to fit any application. The STP model can be fitted with belt heads, formed wheels, flap wheels and scotchbrite wheels. Additionally, the sanding units can be tilted and wheel speed can be varied to suit the application.  

Sanding Stations
4-10 wheels/belts with multi angle adjustment
Workpiece width
1/2″ – 12″
Workpiece length min.
Workpiece thickness
1/4″ – 4″
Feed Speeds
up to 150 FPM
Feed System
2 HP motor variator
Spindle motors
3 HP inverter controlled
Spindle RPM
600 – 1750
Spindle diameter
Spindle length
Spindle angle adjustment
-45 to 135 degrees
Wheel diameter
Wheel Compensation
Automatic air driven/adjustable ratchet drive

Tynex, brushlon, Flap wheel, doubled backed abrasive strips, moulded wheels, hard wheels, wheels ranging in various forms.