STR – Infrared Drying Tunnel, IR Dryer

STR - Infra Drying Tunnel – Custom configurations for flash, jet and IR drying of waterbase coatings.

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STR IR (Infra- Red)  Drying Tunnels are custom configured to the drying process. Tunnel length is determined by line speed and coating characteristics. IR Dryer lamp options include short wave and medium wave lamps with output adjustment. Air movement is balanced by intake and exhaust fans based on solvent evaporation and ambient conditions. Stanza engineers will work to determine the most efficient oven specification for your process.  Made in the USA, Stanza Machinery ovens can be customized to meet production needs.  Using a quick change bar arrangement the lamps can be positioned for max drying at lower power consumption.  Typically there are a series a bottom, top and side lamps which are arranged based on coating chemistry, part coating and speed.