Vacuum Coat | Stanza Machinery

Available with a full range of options and in specialized configurations to meet your production capacities and coating requirements.

  • Water-based Stains
  • Protective Clear Coatings
  • Pigmented Finishes
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Finishes

MC/WB Vacuum Coater – Water-based four-sided coating featuring 99% transfer efficiency, paired with Intra-Red (IR), Lateral, and Gas Fired Ovens for coat and dry applications.



Featuring UV cured, four-sided coating utilizing Stanza’s “Free Flow” technology.

Featuring UV cured, 360-degree coating application, utilizing Stanza’s “Free Flow” technology system for the tube and pipe industries.

Stanza MC/UV-300R Tube & Pipe Coater

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MC/WB-300R Vacuum Coater – Water based 360-degree coating application, featuring 99% transfer efficiency, paired with Infra-Red, Lateral, and Gas Fired Ovens for automated coat and dry applications on tubes and pipes.

High Speed 360-degree curing, including mercury and gallium lamp configurations.

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Convection Dry Ovens are custom configured to match every application.

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